War Room 2nd Edition


  • Players: 2-6
  • Playtime: 120-360 min
  • Age: 14+


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Larry Harris, renowned Axis & Allies designer, and Nightingale Games present the second Edition of  War Room, a deluxe global World War II board game for 2-6 players with 5 scenarios. Over five years in the making, this is Larry’s magnum opus.

You have been entrusted with the Mantle of Command for your nation. Collaborate with allies to coordinate maneuvers before resolving your secret, simultaneous orders for movement and production. Assign battle stances for each unit type wisely during conflicts on the land, at sea and air. Maintain a tight grip on your territories and guard your convoys to control the varied resources required to expand your army. Attack your enemies where they least expect and crush their national morale. Strive onward to capture the enemy capitals and secure victory!


Well over 1,000 components! 

Includes all 2nd edition Kickstarter Core unlocked Wishlist Items (Stretch Goals).

Items marked with  *2nd* are revised from the 1st edition. (Other than some new optional rules, there is very little difference between versions).

  • 1 round 42″ diameter World Map
  • 2 Battle Status Boards (double sided)
  • 1 Morale Board (double sided) *2nd* (different layout)
  • 2 Phase Reference / Reference Map (double sided) *2nd* (minor reference updates)
  • 36 page color Rulebook *2nd* (4 new pages added: 5th North Africa scenario, new Quick Battle, Quick Play rules, and Nano Expansion… Also minor edits throughout)
  • 7 pads of O&P Charts (1 per Nation) *2nd* (30 double-sided pages)
  • 10 12-sided custom Combat Dice
  • 30 Medals/Civilian Goods Tokens
  • 25 Industry/Bomb Tokens
  • 30 Hotspot Markers *2nd* (chipboard instead of wooden)
  • 20 Arrow Tags
  • 20 Nano-Expansion Tokens *2nd* (now included)
  • 1 Common Token Storage Box
  • 131 Territory Cards (double-sided) *2nd* (Sicily error fixed)
  • 175 Command Tokens (for all 7 Nations) (plus spares)
  • 137 National Flags (for all 7 Nations) (plus spares)
  • 11 card holders (1 per Nation + 4 extra)
  • Slipcase Nation Boxes
  • 7 Resource Pegboards *2nd* (North Africa setup codes affect: Germany, British Commonwealth and United States)
  • 28 Resource Tracking Pegs (in 4 colors)
  • 1 Unit Storage Box *2nd* (4 former boxes combined into 1 big box with 12 compartments)
  • 155 Infantry Units (interlocking stacking plastic)
  • 90 Artillery Units (interlocking stacking plastic)
  • 65 Armor Units (interlocking stacking plastic)
  • 30 Bomber Units (interlocking stacking plastic)
  • 80 Fighter Units (interlocking stacking plastic)
  • 16 Carrier Fighter tokens (punch-board)
  • 25 Submarine Units (interlocking stacking plastic)
  • 15 Carrier Units (interlocking stacking plastic)
  • 35 Cruiser Units (interlocking stacking plastic)
  • 15 Battleship Units (interlocking stacking plastic)
  • 14 Jumbo National Flags
  • 1 Game Box *2nd* (revised to indicate 2nd Edition)
  • 2 Quick Battle reference charts *2nd* (Dry-erase reference board)
  • Assembly instruction sheet *2nd* (just under shrink wrap)

Additional information

Weight8 kg
Dimensions70 × 30 × 11 cm

Nightingale Games


2, 3, 4, 5, 6


Larry Harris, Jr.


Area Movement, Campaign / Battle Card Driven, Dice Rolling, Secret Unit Deployment, Simulation, Simultaneous Action Selection, Team-Based Game


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