Super Fantasy Brawl: Team Base Rings


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This pack of 12 colored base rings complements the one found in the core box. It will allow each player in a 2v2 game to have their own color. If you’ve added the Neoprene Kit to your pledge or have pledged for a Master Wizard, then you will have enough for two games of SFB to be running simultaneously, and this again will allow all four players to have their own color. And if you just happen to prefer these colors, then you could use them instead of the ones in the core box.
6 Black colored base rings
6 White colored base rings

Επιπρόσθετες Πληροφορίες


Mythic Games


2, 3, 4


Jochen Eisenhuth


Area Control / Area Influence, Deck / Pool Building, Grid Movement, Hand Management, Team-Based Game, Variable Player Powers


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