Sleeve Kings Premium Mini American Card Sleeves (41x63mm) – 55 Pack, 100 Microns – SKS-9901


  • 41 x 63 mm
  • 100 microns thick
  • 55 sleeves per pack
  • No splitting
  • Clearer than the other sleeves

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  • Premium Sleeve Kings are 100 microns thick!
  • 10% MORE Sleeves than others – Most premium sleeves come at 50/pack. Sleeve Kings are offering 55 per pack! 10% more FREE!
  • The “Clear” Winner – Sleeve Kings sleeves are made from Cleartech™ Polypropylene.  The sleeves are made from 60 micron thick sheets which are demonstrably clearer than the others.  You can actually SEE the difference.  Just as diamonds are rated on a clarity scale, even 100% polypropylene can vary significantly from product to product depending on how it is manufactured. You will see the difference!

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