Pagan: Beyond the Palisades


  • Players: 2
  • Playtime: 45-75 min
  • Age: 12+

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Pagan: Beyond the Palisades is the first expansion for Pagan: Fate of Roanoke.

Pagan is an asymmetrical card game for two players taking on the roles of Witch or Witch hunter. The Witch tries to carry out a ritual of renaturation before being exposed and eliminated by the Witch hunter. Nine villagers are under suspicion and only the Witch player knows who the real Witch is. Each turn, the players use their action pawns on active villagers to draw cards, play cards, gain influence and manage the Gloom. Moreover, the Witch can brew powerful potions, improve their familiar and cast enchantments and charms, while the Witch hunter enlists allies, claim strategic locations, and ruthlessly investigates the villagers.

Beyond the Palisades introduces two new mechanics to Pagan: Gloom and Cleanse.
Gloom is a new resource that benefits the Witch player as long as it is in play. It symbolizes the Witch’s symbiotic
relationship with the lands. Gloom enters the game through the play of Gloom-cards and can be reduced or increased
during a game. Some cards can even break the natural limits of the Gloom on the cards.
With sufficient effort and focus, it is possible to cleanse the Gloom encroaching on the village. Cleansing a card is done
by removing every last bit of Gloom. Once a card is cleansed it is discarded.

The game features 4 scenarios, 9 all new villagers, 30 Gloom tokens and 2 full pre-made decks for each player (50 cards each).

Additional information

Dimensions25 × 25 × 4.5 cm

Wyrmgold GmbH




Kåre Storgaard, Kasper Kjær Christiansen


Action Points, Area Majority / Area Influence, Deck, Bag, and Pool Building, Deduction, Hand Management, Turn Order: Claim Action, Worker Placement


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