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Kryptos is a portable vault used to hide secret messages. We have produced it as wooden kit, giving you  opportunity to build it on your own, get insights on it’s mechanics and of course hide secret message as a present or as part of the a game.

About the game

  • Kryptos wooden kit.
  • Size: 10,5*6 cm
  • Can also be used as a sophisticated gift wrap
  • Our Kryptos can be easily reset and the secret word can be set to any word up to 6 letters.
  • Secret space size: 2*2*8 cm
  • Age: 14+

What is it made of?

  • It is made with love of birch wood and wood oil.
  • It consists of 45 individual parts which are crafted with care by hand.

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Alexander Krys


Cooperative Game, Deduction, Team-Based Game


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