• Players: 1-4
  • Playtime: 60-90 min
  • Age: 13+
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Intrepid is a game about surviving 400 kilometers above Earth, aboard the International Space Station. Players take the role of astronauts from a variety of nations, bringing their unique technologies to bear. Players must work together to generate enough life-sustaining resources each round, all while working to resolve the disaster they are facing.

Intrepid is cooperative, strategic, and highly asymmetric – and unlike anything you’ve played before.

  • Assemble your crew – Pick from 4 asymmetric astronauts, each with a completely unique puzzle to solve – increasing replayability and allowing players of different skill levels to join in.
  • Disaster strikes – Intrepid is a scenario-based game, with multiple disasters to face off against – each impacting the station in their own destructive way.
  • Outsmart the odds – Don’t let the dice fool you! Clever thinking is your only chance to survive, balancing short-term pressures with the long-term crisis.
  • Manage the station – Advance the station’s capacity to stay ahead of the disaster, but be careful: each new system you build adds to the drain of another resource.
  • Work together – You’ll have to work together if you want to survive. Sharing dice, managing resources, and making plans all require teamwork to succeed.
  • Try to survive – To be blunt, this game is hard. Nothing comes easily aboard the ISS, and the disasters… they definitely come out swinging.

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Jeff Beck (II), Jeff Krause


Hand Management, Hidden Movement, Memory, Secret Unit Deployment


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