Cerebria – Forces of Balance


  • Players: 3-6
  • Playtime: 135 min
  • Age: 15+

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The Forces of Balance expansion expands Cerebria with a 5 and 6 Player and a new 3 Player mode with a completely new Faction, the Balance to play with.

Balance‘s gameplay is driven by its own special Aspiration cards, and their general goal is to create ties between Bliss and Gloom during Revelations. Balance players invoke their own Neutral Emotions, whose affiliation can change based on the color of the Essence on them. This provides a very dynamic game experience with temporary alliances with the Balance players, tense moments, and lots of player interaction. The expansion also comes with 10 highly detailed, 55-60 mm tall miniatures replacing the cardboard Spirit figures in the base game.

The expansion comes with 10 highly detailed, 55-60 mm size miniatures replacing the cardboard figures in the base game.

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Mindclash Games


3, 4, 5, 6


Frigyes Schőberl, István Pócsi, Richard Amann, Viktor Peter


Action Points, Area Majority / Area Influence, Deck, Bag, and Pool Building, Hand Management, Point to Point Movement, Variable Player Powers


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