• Players: 2-4
  • Playtime: 10-20 min
  • Age: 8+

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In Cappuccino, players use stacks of coffee cups to capture other players’ coffee cups.

Cappuccino features 64 beautiful plastic coffee cups in four different colors, with each player owning one color. At the start of the game, place all the cups face down on the table, shuffle them, then group them together. On a turn, a player can capture a stack that’s adjacent to one of his own stacks as long as his stack is the same height as or taller than the adjacent stack. As long as a player’s color stays on top of the stack, he controls that stack. If one or more stacks are isolated from the main group and all of these stacks are controlled by the same player, he can take possession of them, removing them from the game. When all the cups have been captured, players stack all of the cups they captured and whoever has the highest stack wins.

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2, 3, 4


Charles Chevallier


Area Enclosure, Grid Movement, Modular Board


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